100 Black Men Incorporated, an prominent civic organization and service club committed to the empowerment and education of African American youth– now in their forty-seventh year–has created a new anti-violence campaign geared towards young Black men.

The organization’s “Pinstripes or prison stripes” billboard, now posted around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area is their message to young Black men. It’s apart of the Project Exile federal program.

100 Black Men has partnered with Project Exile to reach youth during a critical times in their lives says a report from a local Louisiana news station. The organization’s goal is to post more “Pinstripes or prison stripes” around the country.

If you’re in the area and want to volunteer, call 225-356-9444.

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  • Karen

    i understand what message the organization is trying to promote, especially in cities/towns where things aren’t as bright for young Black men. but what i find problematic about the message is that it is ignoring the fact that the prison industrial complex targets Black brothers and other men of color. Black males are 6 times more likely to be held in custody than white males (http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/pim07.pdf). this doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. we cannot forget that larger social institutions, laws, and governmental policies are pushing our communities, and specifically our Black brothers, into prisons and poverty. it’s always easy to look down at folks, but we gotta look up at those who are actually in positions of power and privilege.

  • Dadoeldella

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  • Vicki

    Good grief people. Education provides a solid foundation to economic empowerment. This leads to social empowerment which leads to political empowerment. An educated populace is a strong populace not swayed by demagoguery. I have heard too many times about the educational disparity between black men and women. Now you have a black men’s organization pushing to close this gap and people are complaining. These are good men who care about their community, albeit broken, fractured and battered.