80’s babies are aging. It certainly seems like our younger years are speeding by in high gear when ‘Clueless’ –one of the most iconic films of our time passes the decade mark. Believe it folks, 15 years ago today, we were introduced to Cher, Dion and Tai.

Wasn’t it like magic when we saw Cher scan through her wardrobe on a computer? Or when Dion rocked those extravagant church-like hats to high school? We can’t be the only girls who suddenly went for preppy– with plaid skirts, knee highs with a cardi over our baby tees– the next day at school.

Whether you want to own it or not, ‘Clueless’ had a major effect on our early lives. It made us more fashion conscious, older guy conscious and yes, you wanted to join in with your stylish crew and give makeovers to the world!

Peep the 15-year-old ‘Clueless’ trailer:

What’s your favorite ‘Clueless’ moment or phrase? And for you cable subscribers, watch the film in its entirety On Demand now!

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  • Deann

    Wow! I was 12!.. Absolutely loved Clueless!

    Favorite line, “That was way Harsh Tai”
    “Rolling with the homies”
    “Yea, I hope not Sporadically”


  • Anonymous

    Was it 15 years ago when me and my two friends went to see this movie? When they mentioned NYU, Haitians, and virgins with no drivers license (I went to NYU, am Haitian, and was a virgin with no drivers license), I knew me and Clueless had something special going on. Right now, I’m feeling old.

  • Dee

    I remember the first time I saw this movie…I had borrowed it from the video store…it was PG-13 so mom let me borrow it. When Cher started to speak it was like being sucked into a vortex of which (sadly) I have never emerged!!!! lol I kept the movie for 5 days and watched it over and over until I knew the movie word for word. In the ensuing year I borrowed it religiously till my mom told me that if I were borrowing it I would have to pay for it…when that didn’t work…It was banned!!!!

    Yeah Clueless was a turning point in my life….LOVE IT!!!!!!!!