Bitchie Life reports Beyonce was recently pulled over by the NYPD for driving while texting.

And if you think her global star status got her off, guess again. The 29-year-old singer was slapped with a $100 ticket.

A source revealed the ticket was particularly embarrassing for Beyonce because she just received her driver’s license. An insider on the scene said the multi-platinum recording artist attempted to charm the cop claiming she had no idea texting while driving was illegal. Really Bey?

Oprah, a close friend to the Carters is certainly not going to be pleased about this. The ‘talk show queen’ has been urging celebs to sign her ‘No Texting While Driving’ contract. Seems Beyonce may be getting a call from O very soon.

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  • Nobodys perfect… So what she drived while textn, she prolly dnt kno it was illegal, she busy… Not tryna make up n excuss 4 her but ppl r ppl rite we as ppl make mistakes… So get off her jock n like what jay~z says on to the next one… Ughh…

  • Seems like all of the celebs and everyone would know about the 9.95 service that changes your voice into text messages at http://www.fdidvd.com/ELJ then they’d never get a ticket