Mashonda, ex-wife to producer and rapper Swizz Beatz is talking again. The 29-year-old singer “bares all” to Vibe talking her divorce and Alicia Keys.

Mashonda tells Vibe: “It’s been a journey. The whole first year I cried my fucking brains out. And when ‘Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart’ came out, I was like…Wow, this song is for me.” The mother of Swizz Beatz’s three-year-old son says, “I would cry in my sleep, I would wake up crying.”

She goes on to reveal a dinner she shared with Alicia Keys stating that it was important to know her since she would be spending time with her son. “There are certain things we have to do as women in order to move forward.”

When asked if she ever received an apology from Swizz Beatz or Alicia Keys, the singer and songwriter shares, “No, because I honestly feel like they think they didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t care about their apology.” Mashonda continues, “As long as he’s a great dad to my son, and she’s a good step-mom, they don’t have to worry about apologizing because they will never understand or care about the pain I went through.”

But should Mashonda stop talking? Does her frequent talks with the press and her Twitter rant come off as bitter or sincere? Could there be an importance in giving former wives of entertainers and athletes a platform to share their stories?

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  • Glamarazzi

    Yes she needs to shut up. No one would be talking to her period if not for this story and it is the only thing anyone wants to talk to her about. People just want to be nosey, nobody cares about this woman. She’s never even released an album! She has a child with this man. She needs to be speaking with a counselor not journalists. How is constantly discussing his affairs in the media helping her? how does it help their son? Why is she constantly spreading her personal business? It’s none of anyones business what happened to her marriage. She keeps trying to make herself look like a victim when the reality is her relationship was doomed from the start because this man never respected her. Fighting for a Man who came to you after you lost your child to help him name his new baby with another woman and you go along with it? She’s trying to make herself appear to be this perfect wife and loving mother, whose been wronged by Alicia and Swizz. Give me a break! She needs to go see a therapist and find a career to pour her time into. Now she’s writing a tell-all? This woman is a mess. Sorry.

    Alicia fell in love with this man. The circumstances may have been wrong, but love is love. Maybe Swizz is different with her or maybe she’s so blind she can’t see him for who/what he is, but either way he has moved on with his life.

  • Akai*

    Swizz Beak (no typo) is a dirtbag.

    I’m a fan of Keys’ work (as I am of Angelina Jolie) but shady is shady! Swizz is bony and ugly and I’ll never understand what she sees in his meerkat looking @ss but, most important, the guy appears to have zero integrity and an overall sh!tty character.

    If someone cheats and gets with you — you best stand by to eventually meet the duplicitous SOB you hooked up with. Swizz cheated on Mashonda and had a son with another female while they were together (& she should have left then), and I believe Mashonda’s account that he cheated with Keys while they were still together, so Keys may someday have hell to pay.

    Mashonda (and the children) is definitely the victim here and she needs to heal. She appeared to have handled herself well in the interview, but I think she would have really shown class by not doing it. Work out your issues at home, with friends or a therapist if need be but, celebrity or everyday Joe, I don’t think it wise to invite outsiders (press, other people) into one’s business and personal relationships and it can be a recipe for disaster.

    It’s almost like being played by Swizz is Mashonda’s only claim to fame and that’s not a good look. She’s not really known for (nor was the interview about) her music, and interviews keep the controversy going, so is this Mashonda’s only way of getting attention?

  • “Swizz is bony and ugly and I’ll never understand what she sees in his meerkat looking @ss but, most important, the guy appears to have zero integrity and an overall sh!tty character.”

    LOL, well, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    Anyway, Mashonda is entitled to say whatever she pleases in my opinion regardless of what people think, who cares what anyone thinks.

    As for Alicia keys, I am selling all the CDs of hers that I ever owned….and to think I wasted my money going to see that fake bitch in concert. Well, I guess we live and learn….Karma.

    (and that’s my opinion).

  • Akai*

    Don’t sell the CDs.

    You’ll want them back someday!

  • Akai,

    Trust me. I know myself extremely well. I will NOT want them back. I can’t even listen to her songs anymore. I even went to see her in concert at the London arena in Docklands when she came to London with a friend of mine, that’s how much I USED to like Alicia Keys.

    The point is I can’t even stand to look at this woman anymore, let alone listen to her songs. I completely hate shady, devious and conniving people.

    I was even looking online today for the best place to sell them. I may take them to a record shop or something and do an exchange.

    But I do not want them.