I blame Rihanna. After all, she is the most obvious culprit. Her tapered, short haircut with an interchangeable, layered side-swept choppy bang has become so commonplace, it borderlines on trite. Not since Halle Berry in Boomerang has super short hair been the object of such adulation, and with Rhianna as a pop culture fixture, imitations easily run amok.

Most would agree that Ms. ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’s’ edgy coiffure was a result of her rebellion against the perennial R&B/pop sensation costume, i.e., long hair that screams sex. Though execs attempted to control her image Rihanna’s liquid leather, tattoo and chain-loving self wasn’t going to let that happen. Not long after she adopted a more unconventional approach to style, the masses followed suit. Short hair was everywhere. On the streets, I found myself surrounded by different versions of “the Rihanna.” In magazines, beauty editors were profiling the latest cuts and showing women “different ways to wear it short.” Even other celebrities began to experiment, having resulted in Ciara briefly donning a very unconvincing, (and unfortunate) short wig. So is the reason behind all this going under the scissor the most obvious one? Or could this be an affront to the reigning weave? The Barbie look doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon like acrylic French manicures, so one can only assume this is a much-loved trend at the moment. And for good reason.

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  • i have gone through many hair changes and wondered how i still have hair to style, lol. but after having to cut my hair down to a bob because of damage due to weaves, i still needed a change. maybe it was because of my birthday but i cut it shorter. no, i’m not rocking “the rihanna” because i refuse to give her (or better yet, her hair stylist) the credit for something that has been around for the longest time in some variation, especially in caribbean neighborhoods. yes, it’s shorter on the sides and back and longer on top and the front and i wear it in various styles but no, i don’t color my hair a particular color or add a piece because rihanna’s done it. but that’s just me. i see all of the rihanna wanna-bes and i sigh and chaulk it up to lack of personal style and ignorance of hair history.

    • Leah

      Thank you.

  • DaniBBeauty

    I believe the concept of hair for women is a sensitive subject especially when it comes to how the media portrays us or how society thinks we should look. I think everyone is entitled to do what they like, even if it means conforming to a trend. I have flip-flopped with my hair since I was old enough to make that decision. I went from short on top, long on bottom to a full bob, to cutting all of it off. I can say short hair gives me a versatility that long hair does not. I say be like Nike… Just Do It (whatever “IT” is for you and makes you feel good)

  • binky

    I have short hair right now (the length of Melinda Willams) and I’ am so loving it most days, I will admit sometimes I get insecure and hair envy when I see a long hairstyle I like but short hair is what I need right now because for me it is quick, easy to style and give me the freedom to move around my classes and labs without my hair getting in the way. Besides, I was getting bored with my hair just hanging there but the biggest lesson I learn was that hair doesn’t equal femininity, when I got it cut I thought I would look like a boy and the guys wouldn’t think it was attracted but once I got use to it, that fear is long gone. To me short hair helps me put my femininity out there more, I find myself wearing more dresses/skirts and wearing a little makeup and guys do notice me. I think a woman should do what she feels comfortable with and what fits her personality. For me, most likely I won’t stay short forever but I’ am glad that I did a major change and wasn’t afraid of the scissors

  • I’ve worn my hair in various short/bob styles for years but recently went sorter a la Janet Jackson. I’ve had more compliments about my hair in these few weeks than I have in the previous few years. And for a woman who will be 50 in November, I feel the style is appropriate. Shows off my cheekbones and collarbone and looks SEXY and FOXI!

  • Alexandra

    I’ve never worn a short hairstyle, but I would like to try it one day to see how it looks on me.
    I always loved Nia/Halle’s short haircuts. Rihanna’s short hair has really revamped all short hairstyles, I think its cool! For young girls especially.