The Queen of Hip Hop Soul has been dishing to everyone about her acceptance to Howard University, one of the premier historically Black universities. But it seems Mary’s comments might have been a bit premature.

When the Washington Post followed up with the university, the school said: “We encourage Ms. Blige to continue her studies and welcome her consideration of Howard University in the future. We are happy to work with Ms. Blige on completing the formal process for admission.”

Looks like singer planned to enter through the VIP entrance to higher education, but Howard ain’t having it!

Still, Mary J. stands by her claims. She recently tweeted this response to the news. Click to read her tweet response:


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  • Terri

    Damn homegirl can’t even feel good about herself without someone downing her. You all should be ashamed of yourself. What if this was your mama? Damn. Chill. Then when she happens to have a typo in her tweet ya’ll wanna jump on that like she’s slow. Like chill for real. You know you be makin typos. If she can’t spell at least she got money to hire someone to help her. Ya’ll can’t even get food stamps? Like WTF!!! People make me sick.

  • starr

    If Howard accepted her they would not have denied it when the washington post asked them about it. It’s starting to feel like the Moni Love/Cornell debacle.

    I think everyone here as well as others are all for higher learning, just don’t lie about it or hit all the airwaves talking about it. Just do it.

    • Akai*

      Starr wrote: “It’s starting to feel like the Moni Love/Cornell debacle.”

      Roxanne Shanté/Cornell University debacle, maybe?

  • Akai*

    I agree. One can only applaud the pursuit of higher education but don’t fake the funk about it or seek applause for next to nothing, the bare minimum or least amount of effort.

    Blige has neither taken nor passed one SAT and she’s the one who put the issue on the table of public discourse by stating she’d been “accepted” into Howard, so pshah to anyone acting as if a celebrity (they may like) is off-limits.

    After “Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?” …and… “Oh and I my diploma, sits in my living room next to the acceptance letter, that I framed! I’m proud of my self, I should be at this point!”

    …I’d say the chick’s best bet is to start with Hooked on Phonics, “See spot run” books and basic English classes.

  • daphne

    Did Blige actually earn her GED/High School diploma or was this some sort of honorary achievement? If the answer is the latter, I don’t think colleges and universities even accept honorary high school diplomas. I understand someone like Blige wanting to attend a prestigious institution of learning like Howard but just because you are a relatively famous artist that doesn’t give you automatic entry into any college. I wonder why she doesn’t just post her high school diploma and acceptance letter? Surely Howard would not release a statement essentially admitting (in so little and kind words) that she was not admitted if she received an acceptance letter like she claims.

    I have a strong feeling Blige thought that if she said publicly that she had been accepted into Howard that they would in turn make it possible for her to gain entry because after all she is Mary J. Blige and surely the university wouldn’t turn down the positive PR it might bring the school, the possible increase in new applicants, and the fiscal implications…seems as though that plan backfired though if that was the case lol.


    I’m going to need you to stop reposting her tweets lol. When I read those tweets I kept asking myself if middle and top tier colleges even bother to accept students if their entire course load is going to be remedial classes lol.