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    Wow…this song has perfect timing. I like the fact that Talib took a step back and allowed the issue of oil to be the star of this video. It’s such a huge issue. And being from Nigeria, I appreciate him adding our history into this.

  • “Brothers United against the Industry” is a paraphrase of the lyrics from the Revolutions Per Minute album. It is also a LIVING TESTIMONY of practicing what we preach. First off, Congratulations & Thanks!! It is an honor to have “Ballad of the Black Gold” as the song using our licensed music (see – http://www.moamper.com ). Although, Talib and I met during the Nas 2008 summer tour in St. Louis where he ‘freestyled’ some props about my Equalizer shirts to the crowd, it was at Hi-Tek’s hometown of Cincinnatti where I thanked him for using our music on the ‘Never Been In Love Before’ song from ‘The Beautiful Struggle’ album. During our chat back stage, I asked him to review some more music inside LuCor / The MO Amper Sounds catalog. A year and a half of silence on the issue turned my ‘mustard seed of faith’ into an “oh well, if its meant to be”. Well, imagine my TOTAL SURPRISE to hear our music on the latest album. Anybody who studies this music industry learns that MUSIC PUBLISHING is the heart of the trade. Our family is from the direct line of legandary Chicago music buisness entrpreneurs like Willie Dixon, Curtis Mayfield / Eddie Thomas, Lucky Cordell, Clarence Johnson, Johnny Pate, ‘Tom Tom’ Washington and more! Since OUR MUSIC is the “black gold” of the community, then, remixing and licensing our music catlog is how we participate in the mining of our God given treausure mines! On behalf of many of those “Living Legends”, Blacksmith Records is welcomed to the legacy and tradition of music independence! Uhuru – Nuff Respect Due!