We heart Solange for loads of reasons. Yesterday, the singer turned deejay gave us yet another reason to adore her. Solange is mad bold and mad honest!

Contact Music reports Solange signed up to front her sister and mother’s House of Dereon brand as a spokeperson in 2006. But Solange chose to step down shortly after  because Dereon style wasn’t in tune with Solange’s style.

Solange says: “I initially was involved as the spokesperson, but the clothes just didn’t reflect my personal style and I decided to hand that over.”

But if you’re thinking Solange’s decision to step down caused drama in the Knowles clan, think again.

Solange shares, “That’s the great thing about my family. We work together so closely that if something’s not working out, we can be honest about it and there won’t be any grudges or issues.

The singer/deejay adds, “I will say though, they did just do a bedding line that I am extremely in love with and I was like, Can I model that in my house?”

We love her!

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  • 2cents

    I love observing women over the age of 30 wear HOD, Apple Bottoms, & Baby Phat. These celebs stay trying to push their clothes on us regla’ folks, but stay on the red carpet in Givenchy, D&G, Chanel, Dior. Sorry try again!

    • Me27

      YES! I was thinking the same thing. It’s funny how all of these celebraties have their own fashion lines but none of them wear their own clothes. You would think they would be their own best advertisement. I always figure if they don’t wear their own clothing line, then it must be crap and why should i spend my hard-earned money on it.

  • Alexandra

    Hey, you gotta love honesty. Great family.

  • Lavish

    Not my style either. you can find these clothing on some hood chicks and they make it look so cheap, cause it IS!!!!!!!

  • I am not sure if I am commenting in the area to comment on Solange’s comment about the House of Deron. I totally undertand where Solange is coming from because the House of Deron doesn’t reflect my style choices either. I would like to know and understand where does The House of Deron gain its influences. To what demographic does the House of Deron reflect? Why was that demographic group targeted?

  • jazzyphile

    Why go through all the fanfare on the internet and cut your hair into a short natural style only to eventually prop a big “natural style” wig on your dome? A woman ain’t never happy!

    • i thought i was the only one thinking this! either this girl has some SUPER miracle grow or shes rocking the hell out of some natural wigs, erykah badu-style.

      not that im hating, cuz she looks fllyyyyy