Controversial author Kitty Kelley’s unauthorized biography on Oprah Winfrey is set to become a biopic. Major TV movie producer Larry A. Thompson acquired the rights to the book Oprah: A Biography.

Thompson plans to produce a TV movie or a miniseries, scheduled to air in September 2011. The debut will parallel the TV star’s send-off of her popular 25-year daytime talk show.

The producer plans to audition both known and unknown actresses to play Winfrey.

The talk show queen has no plans to participate in the biopic, Winfrey publicly dismissed Kelley’s account, calling it a “so-called biography.” The scandalous tale touched on a series of sensitive topics for Winfrey including the identity of her father and her past intimate relations with former boyfriends. Several reputable outlets including the New York Times and USA Today questioned the validity of the bio, claiming Kelley is a bitter and envious former associate of Winfrey, out to embarrass the star.

Winfrey power and wide media influenced nearly stopped Kelley’s book from making it to the shelves, wonder which network will be bossy enough to air the film?

What do you think about an unauthorized biopic about Oprah? Would you watch it?


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  • Alexandra

    Oprah has put many people on blast in the past few years. She cant complain about it being done to her. But anyway, this might not even be that serious. If Oprah knows her life story, she shouldnt even worry about it.

    I dont look forward to it, but w/e…

    • I agree. I’m not looking forward to it.

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