Happy Friday folks! There’s nothing like comedy that gives us something to think about. This YouTube video posted by Foreign Image offers both a hilarious and fascinating commentary on the Black community’s use of the n-word. The video shows a group of Asian friends generously using the n-word with each other –comparable to the Black community. Except, they replace it with “Ninja.” Watch for the moment at 1:08–very interesting.

“What’s up my Ninja!”

“Yo! What a Ninja gotta do to get some orange chicken around here?”

This is a must-see video. Share your thoughts with us!

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  • isolde

    “Everytime you get on here you expose your self for the obnoxious racist that you are.”

    Cinmike, you’re not telling us anything we don’t already know. We also know that Clutch tolerates obnoxious racism in its comment section, which is why Akai doesn’t bat an eye-lash when calling black women who disagree with her everything from “Nappy- Heads” (‘Jockin’ my Fro’ thread) to “Shaqueeshas,” (Baby blues thread) which is rather ironic considering that the Clutch staff is comprised of mostly black women (Kanye shrug).

    The reason why this parody isn’t funny is precisely because of people like her, who think it’s cute to insult blacks with racist euphemisms (See Wesley Snipes sentencing thread). Oh yes, we could drag out some really vile stereotypes about Hispanics and Caribbean women to slur her with, but for some reason, perhaps because of civility, or respect for the forum, or an abundance of home-training, we don’t.

    • Hi Isolde,

      Thanks for your comment. In all honesty – we are super small and can’t catch all comments and sometimes don’t get to read through all of the comments until a later time. If at anytime you see a comment that should be removed – please email us @ [email protected]



    • Akai*

      @Isolde: Taking it upon yourself to speak for some mythical “we” is funny, but the blatant hypocrisy is funnier!

      Deal with your own issues as Clutch has a clear rule [read below] stating they “prohibit personal attacks.” However, no doubt, articles can be sourced showing both of you entering a joint and either starting sh!t (as happened again here) and/or name-calling/personally attacking instead of discussing what was presented in an article. Should people email [email protected] every time you two do this??? …respect for the forum? Ha! Are you serious!?

      I don’t throw a tantrum or put the blame on Clutch as ‘tolerating’ this nor do I go reporting and whining to them about it; I speak my mind (within the rules) and can’t be affected. And, yes, in the Snipes’ thread I quoted the “Ninja pay ya bills!” line from the above video…and what? The video was put up for discussion, I found it funny, that is my right, and there isn’t a [email protected] thing you can do about it since you can’t pull some ‘race check’ on me and dictate which words I can/can’t use! Got that!?

      Now, if you’re going to try to tattle and complain, try finding a bit of integrity. Did you simply not read the participant name-call several commenters in the Baby Blues article? I doubt anyone sharing in that thread went crying/complaining to Clutch about the name-calling, but did you intentionally overlook and have no gripe with those insults or even put in a request for her words to be edited out? That…is hypocrisy!

      It is truly creepy how you two remember my every word, appear to keep a mental list of my entries and obsess on the regular, but I stand by whatever I stated in some “Fro” thread. I’m willing to bet you probably conveniently overlooked me responding to someone initially getting rude with me (as if I’m supposed to be intimidated, ‘skurd’ and back down *giggle*) but, again, whatever I wrote…there it is!! Were Clutch a natural hair site I wouldn’t participate as, generally, that vibe is not for me.

  • I sort of found it funny… and then not so funny.

    I understand reclaiming a hateful word, but at the same time I feel it should be dropped like the bad habit it is. The n-word has no use. It has no credibility to me. Now I don’t like the stereotyping of Blacks done here and the people who made this should know better than to be helping to uphold ignorant sentiments. Simply put, they’re presenting a one-sided argument and that’s unforgivable as well as dishonest.

  • Hmm

    They have a good point, I never use the N word, never comes out of my mouth, glad they are pointing out how stupid it is for some black people to refer to each other as n_s and if someone else even says it while singing a song we get so pissed off!

    Think we need to either stop using that word, or stop being so hypocritrical when someone from another race tries to use it in the same context as we do.

  • Zie

    I found this video to be hilarious, but even more the comments. One person on youtube said that the word is used as a sign of affection. Really? If you take the content out of a bottle labeled poison, and pour it into a flute glass wouldn’t it still be poison? Exactly. I don’t care how you spell the word or how you use it, it will always be a negative word; because, it was never created for good. There are numerous other words we can use to call each other without any double standards.