From Black Voices — From entertaining Tweets, a “Power” remix and the G.O.O.D. Friday promotion featuring one new song every Friday until Christmas, Kanye West is trying to repair his image after that Taylor Swift debacle. If he wants to stay on our good side, here are 10 things ‘Ye can do to prove it.

1. Force Young Jeezy and Rick Ross to keep the peace.
Def Jam is about to have a civil war on their hands — unless you step in ‘Ye. You’ve done work with Jizzle in the past and recorded with Ross for his latest album, ‘Teflon Don.’ So, why not bring them together on a track for your G.O.O.D. Friday promo? Have them bury the beef and we’ll know that you really are the rapper with the most “power” right now.

2. Show Shyne how to put together a hit single.
You may think you’re the closest thing hip-hop’s got to God ‘Ye, but can you really perform miracles? If so, make L.A. Reid look like a genius for signing Shyne to the House That Russell Simmons Built. Make us forget about all the weak joints Po has dropped since his release from prison earlier this year. Make us like Shyne’s music again. You do that and we guarantee you’ll turn a lot of heads in hip-hop.

3. Can the plans to record with Justin Beiber and Raekwon.

Eesh! You’re not really going through with this, are you dude? It sounds like a cute idea — and you’ve most definitely got at least one person out there (Raekwon!) hyped — but unless you’re planning the surprise of all surprises, this sounds terrible. So terrible that you not doing it will actually earn you bonus points in our eyes. Sometimes, the best move is no move. And it’s your move ‘Ye, so what’s it gonna be?

4. Tell Jay-Z to tweet more than once every six months.
Note to Jay: If you’re gonna put the word “Genius” as your Twitter bio, you’ve got to average more than 0.65 tweets per month, which is what you’re doing right now. We’re not sure if he just doesn’t get it, doesn’t care or doesn’t have the time (if you were married to the hottest chick in the game, would you spend your time on Twitter?) but Little Brother definitely has the edge his elder right now so show ’em what you’ve got, ‘Ye.

5. UStream with Lil Wayne — live from Rikers Island.
Everyone’s visited Weezy during his jail stint — or, at least they’ve said they’ve visited him — but no one’s actually given us any proof. That’s where you come in, Yeezy. Considering Wayne can’t even have an iPod in prison, it’s gonna be just about impossible. But you’re all about events — and Wayne, from behind bars, on UStream would be pretty legendary. Talk about jailhouse rock, this would be better than that video T.I. shot in the bing!

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  • Great post! I disagreed with 3 out of 5 but it was funny!

    umm 1st of all Ye can stay OUT of Ross and Jizzles beef. That has nothing to do with him, and I wouldn’t think better or worse of him if he did get involved.

    I do like #2 because I think he can’t do anything BUT help Shyne’s career at this point.

    LMAO Even though I’m neither a fan of Raekwon or Justin Bieber …I think that getting involved with Raekwon and Bieber are smart moves. BUT how are you going to tell him to get involved in beef but then turn around and tell him to stay out of one of the biggest money making schemes he’s EVER hatched in the pop world.

    Eff Jay-Z and his twitter haha I don’t care what he has to says about anything. period.

    And the last one is a GREAT idea! haha not a true fan of Weezy either though …but I can see that Ustream video making history.

  • Loving #1, 3 & 5

    He needs to create world peace while he’s at it too. Maybe make a movie with Spike Lee & re create the 50’s or 80’s or something! But you still have to love him though… He’s always giving us something funny to talk about, while also writing rhymes that give us something to think about.