From The BVX — From Dr. Dre to Diddy, hip-hop heads are increasing their bank accounts with endorsements like Beats by Dre headphones or Ciroc vodka. But since everyone doesn’t have the gift for commerce, theBVX shows a few MCs how to live that champagne life.

Product alignment isn’t just for the big dogs anymore, even Detroit producer Mr. Porter (Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent) has a custom keyboard with the music equipment company Open Labs. And let’s be honest, albums and ringtones aren’t selling like they used to so endorsements guarantee a rapper won’t end up on “Dancing With The Stars” (No shots Master P). We suggest jumping into the world of technology, so here are five gadgets that are customized for five MCs.

Showtime! PA System
Students nationwide are subjected to sleep-inducing pep rallies and colorless summons to the principal’s office. But a PA system from Swizz Beatz, aka the One Man Band Man, would take those mandatory school assemblies from zero to hero. Blasting at illegally loud volumes, the Showtime! PA System would feature automated voice-overs for all school events from games to bake sales. When a star basketball player slam dunks? “The monsta!” When the bell rings at the school day’s end? “Showtime!”

Find Your Forehead Eyebrow Trimmer
Diddy co-signed Proactive years ago; why can’t Drake preserve his sexy (and his bank account) by endorsing the Andis eyebrow trimmers? The deal would be worth it for the “before” and “after” photos alone. If he thinks the ladies love him now, wait until they can see the rest of his forehead. Oh you fancy, huh?

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