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  • Well it looked good.

  • Her style reminds me of Beyonce, with not-so-good vocal ability…well, she’s pretty. :-/

  • saradoubleu

    I like the energy of the video and she does have a lovely face so that wasn’t a complete waste of time i guess…

  • Ikilledcherylcole&bombedBET

    nice to see a British record company spending more money on mixed raced & black british artists than they usually do
    (Lord knows thats why Estelle left England for America)

    Alesha can dance and look pretty but thats it

    people expect more from an artist that has a black father or mother (both)
    they expect great voices you cany just sing like Britney or Madonna or uk hideously untalented ‘Singer’ Cheryl Cole

    they expect talent…in short this isnt it. Alesha Dixon seems really nice too…shame

  • Terri

    I was looking at that intro outfit and I was like umm she does not fill out that outfit at all