From The BVX“Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife. They raping everyone out here” and “He’s climbing in yo’ windows and snatching yo’ people up,” have already started to become known catchphrases and the butt of jokes, the same way statements like “hood rat things with my friends” did. But at what cost?

Huntsville, Alabama resident Kelly Dodson was attacked in the middle of the night when a man climbed through her window and attempted to rape her. Luckily her brother Antoine heard the commotion, came into her room and scared the attacker away. The local news station WAFF covered the story and unintentionally turned Antoine Dodson into an “Internet star.” But should they really be proud of what they have done?

Jezebel covered the whole shebang, discussing the social implications of memes and internet celebrity, arguing in this case that the rape has been made secondary.

“The fact that an attempted rape was pushed aside by the internet in favor of “oh my God, this guy is so funny” doesn’t necessarily surprise me,” the Jezebel writer says. “But it’s still frustrating when one considers that the viral video angle seems to be more of a focus for the channel following this story than the actual attempted rape itself.”

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