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  • Alexandra

    Nice outfit. I like the jacket, especially.
    But the wig?!!?

  • shalonndramrie

    The outfit is cute,although you have to admit it looks a little 80’s. I mean I remember my mother rockin an outfit like that on her way out to the night club on saturday night or a houseparty! Anyway’s I don’t really think Kelis can dress and she tries real hard without the advice of someone who would talk her out of thremajority of the outfit’s she rocks. Anyway’s I will leave her alone,It’s cute. Peace

  • Speaking The Truth

    She looks HAWT! Go Kelis!

  • Glamarazzi

    K’s got great style. The jacket, belt, jumper and shoes are great.

    I’ve noticed she’s been wearing the tinsel wig during performances. Her hair is in a short fro, so I for performances she needs something to umph it up a little.