From The BVX — It’s no secret that between Alicia Keys’ pregnancy and recent marriage to Swizz Beatz and Fantasia’s reported suicide attempt over Antwaun Cook, home wreckers are a hot topic. The weird thing is, Fantasia is losing the battle of public opinion. How’d that happen?

The Root recently wrote about the disparity between the fury rained down upon both singers, and I must agree. While the black community rumbles about A.Keys’ three-year relationship with recent divorcee Swizz Beatz (read: calling her a home wrecker) the mainstream press declared her ceremony “wedded bliss.” On the other hand, Fantasia, who clearly isn’t having an easy time handling the drama surrounding her married beau Antwaun Cook (read: she almost committed suicide, people), is being upbraided and lambasted by the mainstream media — which didn’t really cover her before — and the urban media for her choice to date the married man/T-Mobile employee.

Is there a color complex at play in this infidelity circle?

Now, I saw this quote surrounding ‘Tasia’s future marriage to Cook on RadarOnline.com (notice the source; since when do they cover Tasia outside of her mortgage issues?):
“Fantasia and Antwaun are back together again and they have even talked about marriage once his divorce is finalized with Paula. She knows that her family will only fully accept her relationship with him when he is no longer married.

Antwaun has finally committed to Fantasia and his wife knows that their relationship is definitely over now. They want the divorce pushed through as soon as possible and Fantasia is determined to marry him and she wants to start a family with him, too.”

Sounds like A. Keys conveniently announcing her pregnancy and engagement weeks after Swizz and ex, Mashonda, were officially divorced, right?

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