From Black Voices — The Associated Press is reporting that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is considering hiring translators to help agents understand the language of drug dealers. Apparently, the agents are having trouble interpreting the words and sentences being used by suspects during wiretaps. The agency reached out to some translation services companies to find someone to help them with the problem. No, this is not a joke.

“They saw a need for this in a couple of their investigations,” Special Agent Michael Sanders said. “And when you see a need – it may not be needed now – but we want the contractors to provide us with nine people just in case.”

Yes, this story is making me laugh as much as you are. When I heard that the DEA was considering such a move, I could almost appreciate their intentions, but I think they might be a bit misguided. The first thought that came to mind was whether or not they are presuming that drug dealers speak a dialect of English which matches that of the rest of urban black America? Sure, there are going to be similarities, but most of my urban friends don’t understand drug dealers either. Dealers don’t just sound like rappers, but actually structure a variation of language and sophisticated codes that nearly anyone would have trouble translating. Rather than hiring an ebonics expert to understand the lingo of drug dealers, they’d be better off hiring a former drug dealer.

Urban language in general has a very dynamic dimension to it that changes with the release of every new album, the start of every new school year, and with each new season on BET. I personally think that the idea of grabbing some Harvard Linguistics professor to translate wire taps might be an expensive and counter productive way to reach the DEA’s objectives. Instead, they would likely need someone with their finger on the pulse of the streets where the dealers live and work, to understand how things change as time goes by.

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