Fantasia recently spoke with Vibe magazine, opening up on her alleged affair with Antwaun Cook, and her suicide attempt. Fantasia shares that she feels the media response has much to do with her skin tone, full lips, full nose, and short hair. In fact, the 26 year-old claims the media’s partial favor for “bright-skinned” Black women has largely placed a damper on her career.

Fantasia tells Vibe:

“They never put me in those magazines [featuring] the red carpet. Everybody there has long hair and everybody is bright-skinned, and I was like, ‘But wait a minute. They never gave me that.’ That bothered me,’ “And then I tried hard to find people to dress me and they still would not put me there [in those magazines].”

The Root recently published an article comparing the media’s response to Fantasia with its response to fellow singer Alicia Keys, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, and pop singer Britney Spears. Keys, like Jolie and Spears, was in a similar situation—dating a still married man. Mashonda, Swizz Beatz’ then wife, publicly slammed Alicia Keys via Twitter alleging she ruined her happy home.

But The Root claims the media response to Keys’ scandal wasn’t the same as Fantasia’s. The article poses the question, “Is it that Keys is too pretty to be pummeled?”

Lest we forget, despite Keys’ looks and “bright-skin,” how the singer handled the controversy: it was as if it never happened. Keys didn’t skip a beat, the popular artist released her fourth studio album “The Elements of Freedom,” and married Swizz Beatz in a private ceremony. The couple is expecting their first child.

Necole Bitchie points out the differences in the two situations, suggesting Cook’s wife publicly named Fantasia as a mistress and home wrecker during the couple’s divorce proceedings. The “Idol” champion was also allegedly involved in an unreleased sex tape. This presents a large contrast in Fantasia and Alicia Keys’ stories.

Furthermore, it’s important to distinguish mainstream media from Web media. Alicia Keys has had her share of online abomination. Mainstream outlets, however, have barely made a mention of the intricacies of Keys’ marriage with the popular hip hop producer.

Fantasia shares more thoughts on the media response to her alleged affair and suicide attempt:

“I was on Nancy Grace, CNN, every gospel station and in every magazine and every newspaper.” Fantasia continues, “It was on. You would have thought I was the President or something.”

You be the judge? Does Fantasia’s dark skin play a role in the media response to her troubles? Sound off!

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