The redemption of Kanye West continues. On the heels of his immediate embrace by over 600,000 Twitter users and his recent performance at the “BET Awards,” the rapper is set to perform on the very stage where he publicly humiliated singer Taylor Swift.

Reports confirm that the multi-platinum rapper and producer will perform live at the “MTV Video Music Awards” on September 12 in Los Angeles.

During last year’s show an irate Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift while she accepted her award for “Best Female Video.” The artist’s now infamous, “Ima let you finish” rubbed most of America the wrong way. Kanye immediately took to his blog apologizing to disappointed fans.

After going underground for nearly a year, Kanye is set to release his fifth studio album now titled “Dark Twisted Fantasy.”  The album is set to be released on November 16, and is led by the single “Power.”

But does Kanye deserve to perform on the very stage where he disrespected another artist and nearly ruined his public image? Does MTV’s decision to allow Kanye to perform send the wrong message to troubled entertainers?

Has Kanye really learned his lesson? Should he be allowed to perform? Sound off!

Photo Source: AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

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