• Oowop

    She’s an artist, so if you don’t get it, don’t stop there. What artists do is they separate from what we know so that we might see more.

    They change your vantage point by making you get on their level.

    And changing our community’s line of sight is the easiest way to allow change to take place.

    If the story ends sadly then that means that entertainment was not the main goal. Ask yourself what point was trying to be made.

  • indy

    Ummm… Give it a moment to develop.
    From this angle, I see her revisiting her first video and making herself into a criminal… which is what a lot of the media deemed her as when she shot the original window seat video. Everyone who has something negative to say about this were probably lost on the message of the original window seat video and wanted her to be criminalized.
    I think she’s saying “This is what REAL Criminals DO!”
    And to have Rick Ross… A former Corrections Officer has her partner in crime…
    Its Genius…

    WAKE UP!!! (school daze)

    • as i was reading the comments, i began to think along the same lines. guess we’ll have to find out badu and ross’ intent during prt. 2

  • IntrigueNY

    fosho indy