From Black Voices — I want to talk a little bit about size — penis size. Here’s the story. We know that a lot of men are self-conscious about how big their penis is or isn’t. It turns out that some brothers with good old average size penises are packing magnum-sized condoms to impress their partners, potential partners, and the guys they hang out with.

They leave them out on the table by the bed, flash them when they go to take money out of their wallets, and worse, wear them when they are having sex. This is kind of cute, but it’s a real problem. If a condom is too loose, it will slip off during sex and leave both partners without protection. Wearing the wrong-sized condom – too big or too small – is a bad idea no matter how impressive the packaging may be!

Here’s background on this story.
There was a time when condom manufacturers operated on the premise that one size fits all. This made for condoms that had too loose a fit for smaller guys and too snug a fit for bigger guys. Not only were they uncomfortable for a lot of men, they were more likely to fall off or break because they didn’t fit well. A lot of guys decided that condoms just weren’t worth the trouble. This led to a lot of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Today, manufacturers make condoms in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Not all sizes are marked on the package, so men have to experiment with different brands and styles to find the condom that is the best fit for them – which is not a bad way to spend time.

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  • Alli

    haha-funny article! “Big” is overrated anyway. lol I think this notion of “bigger is better” in the areas of penises, breasts, and butts comes from the caricatures one sees in movies and porn. These arenas have an aesthetic and practices that are meant for entertainment and often times don’t correlate to real world pleasures or body norms. (personal info…was with a guy once who said “I watch a lot of videos [meaning porn]” to prepare me for how great it was gonna be…um…it was VERY underwhelming [even despite him being quite large and thick]) Everybody just needs to use what God gave them and stop worrying about dumb stuff like this….PS, isn’t the guy in the picture the one American Idol contestant who lied about having an affair with Paula Abdul and got kicked off?

    • Beef Bacon

      I know this if off topic but I feel as if some of you I actually ‘know” a lil based on the deep dialogue we have had on this site…..

      It’s the 47th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington on Saturday, August 28th and

      it’s MY BIRTHDAY as well…HAPPY 30th TO ME!!!!!

      Thank you thank you thank you…..lol

    • Smdh I woulda stopped him right there. I don’t know why guys think they are porn stars. I woulda been like get you some real life experience if u wanna mess with me. Guys that depend on porn too much are weirdos.

  • Clnmike

    It’s all about the motion in the ocean.

    • Serenity

      But if the boat is too damn small even a slight breeze could damage the whole ship.

  • Beef Bacon

    Yes, motion is key for BOTH parties. I am glad I don’t have to go through this phase! It sucks wondering doesn’t it?

  • Beautifuldaidreamer

    This post brought back memories. This is one of the reasons I keep condoms with me. It’s a polite way to let him know he doesn’t have a need for his Magnums. “You hang on to those. Let’s just use mine :)”

  • For me, a man with a extra large ….is not a turn on. I don’t want to have to take Motrin after spending the evening with my lover. IMO it’s about skills, passion and chemistry. And I’m not talking about porn-star like skils either. That is a major turn off as well.