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  • Selena

    Wow i keep listening to this song… i can relate to her free time id rather listen to her songs its like from a different era or something.Janelle ur the best gurl.

  • Penny

    she is so talented and so beautiful! Hey if its not official, it should be. I truly relate to the words. I wanted to hug the poor baby when she started crying.

  • Faymous


  • I loved this video.I think it was perfect. I’m anticipating her performance at my college campus in a couple weeks!

  • I absolutely adore this video….it’s so raw & personal. Janelle Monae is beautiful and having us focus solely on her face allows us viewers to pay more attention to the words of the song and what they actually mean to her. I was pleasantly surprised when she broke down, you could tell that those tears were genuine. All in all this was an exceptional video & a clear example of true artistic talent!

    Dee from http://www.thatgoodgooodblog.blogspot.com