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  • Shan

    I do not think any of the comments are ridiculous posted thus far…what I think is ridiculous is the fact that so many of you believe Kanye is Enlightened or brilliant as you all proclaim or any other artist for that matter…I am sure the directors of many of the videos this one included are the Brains behind such concepts and the artists are merely pawns…my problem is that most of the artist have no idea what they are conveying in videos thus portraying characters and beings they probably have no idea about or what they represent…

    Ignorance is Bliss…Enlightened PLEASE!!!!


  • Art is just that…. ART!!! Kanye wants to evoke discussion about his music & I believe he’s done this with this Artpiece. PPl are so used to watching standard hiphop videos and Kanye has changed the concept in HipHop of what a music video should be.

    There are Grecian/Egyptian/Biblical references to this. I enjoyed it and also enjoy the discussion in this thread.
    Sword of Democles…… good reference by Kanye. If folks did their research they would understand the importance of this symbol as it relates to HIS life & current standing in society.

    So many ppl want to believe that everything is linked to the Devil. Kanye exploits this by his use of the horn imagery. I don’t fell it’s demonic at all. Education will show you that.

    Open your mind, stop watching TipDrill videos and maybe you’ll get it like most of the ppl in this thread got it. Like/Dislike is up to you, but stop screaming Illuminati/Devil when 1/2 don’t even know the history of the Illuminati & get their references from “their mans & dem” instead of history.

    !PopStyle! EbonyLolita :)