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  • aj

    Crap-ola. MIA’s music has turned into pure garbage ever since she made it ‘big’ in the States. What is it about America that makes international stars go pop and commercial? Five years ago this girl was fire. Jay-z should stay off everyone’s tracks.

    • LOL I share your pop sentiment …but MIA is still fresh and new to me and I love this video.

    • nevermind I like the song but the video kinda sucks =\

  • i love MIA but she talks so much trash about other artist trying to be like her, nobody is walking around with a BlackPlanet Background as their video. I just wish these artist would do their own thing and stop worrying about others,

    By the way, she looks so pretty, always has been too.

  • I’ve been istening to M.I.A ever since I heard Galang and Sunshowers! She rocks! I love how she did the Myspace Pop Art. That was really original. Very beautiful woman I can’t believe she is 35! Sadly you would never see her on t.v. in South Asia due to her complexion. Sad.