From Black Voices — On Friday rappers Nicki Minaand Drake, pulled big practical joke on the Internet. The Young Money rappers, both protegees of Lil Wayne, have been rumored to be dating ever since Drake’s single “Miss Me” was released and he rapped, “I love Nicki Minaj,I told her I’d admit it/I hope one day we get married/just to say we f***ing did it.” The two decided it would be fun to blow more air on the rumor mill via Twitter.

Drake wrote on the social networking site, “Baby I am never scared. PROUD is more the would I would use.” The quirky Nicki Minaj retweeted her label mate and added, “Yes it’s true Drake and I tied the knot.”

With the way marriage has become the trend in hip hop in the last six months, is was easy to believe that Drake and Nicki jumped the broom. But for only for about 10 minutes, when insiders started to dispel the rumor and pretty soon every one thought it was joke. The following day Nicki later tweeted the marriage had been “annulled,” but it left many wondering if that was really something to joke about?

Although Nicki and Drake have a fabricated relationship, people who are involved in an intimate relationships need to know there are some things you don’t make light of.

Here is a countdown listing the 5 things ladies should never joke about with their men.

5) “I think I might be into girls.”
Ladies, don’t act like you don’t know that most guys like girls who like girls. If you are telling this little white lie to see if it turns your man on, you may be leaving your man disappointed when you say “just kidding.” Playing with a man’s sexual fantasies is like a man playing with your emotions.

4)We should get married.”
More than likely, if you’re joking about this, you’re half serious. Telling a man you are ready to get married in order to feel out where he stands might backfire on you. Even after you say you’re bluffing your man will think you’re serious and he may begin to fall back from the relationship, scared to take that leap.

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  • keda

    i don’t believe dat nicki and drake should have played dat joke kuz i love me sum drake…….ayyyyyyye. i still luv ya boo n as 4 u nicki, dont do it again…..big ups to young money.

  • secretaddy

    My only thought on the “joke” was , ofcourse life is unfair, because legitimate gay couples are robbed the privilege of being married while stupid idiots like Drake and Minaj are afforded the OPTION of getting hitched for publicity

    #FAIL !

    • sloane

      you said EXACTLY what was on my mind.

  • Naaah…I don’t think Sloane=Isolde. *smile*

    There is no “backtracking”; my words are there in evidence for anyone to read and my points remained as they were from the beginning! I’m still waiting for you to prove your statement *wink* but it is, indeed, funny how you appear to think if you keep writing the same BS over and over, all will believe, and your crap-talking to avoid the question and hide your inability to back your words will go unnoticed.

    And what’s with the ‘Ooooh, Akai, we told you off; ooooh, Akai I just proved you wrong’ type of stuff? *sniggle* If you lack the confidence to let your words speak for themselves, do what ya gotta do, but who are you trying to convince? I truly feel sorry for you that you’re so desperate for validation, ya poor baby, but yanno? There are many that often have/do agree with my opinions and understand my POV or where I’m coming from; there are those who disagree yet possess the ability to do so like an adult, respectfully and with class. That truth might make you even more hysterical and angry, but i-t-‘-s o-k-a-y, Isolde. Those are the breaks, people have differing opinions, and it’s not that serious!

    You might try picking better allies since the claim of so-called being “called out” amounts to random individuals that also lack the maturity/intellect to disprove statements and debate issues i.e. you, Clnmike — following behind my entries and throwing a fit. Your typical MO of waiting for individuals like him or “Leila Lee” to get angry then start the typical low-life ghetto antic of talking about people (namely, me *giggle*) to provide you an opportunity to jump in and add on is truly pathetic (should I provide links so others can judge/read these things for themselves)? Maybe I can just link the fairly recent article where you again entered just to be messy, snivel and whine to Clutch (‘Waaa, Akai’s a racist and y’all let her get away with it’ *sniff*sniff*), then preceded to show how much of a stalker you truly are by listing various articles from God knows when where I held opinions you didn’t like.

    I gotta say your playing the innocent victim is gut-wrenchingly laughable, Isolde, but if you don’t like being rightfully labeled a messy ABW, consider nixing the antics and acting like one or, otherwise, enjoy! Oh and I think I’m the 2nd or 3rd person you’ve called a “racist” here recently; that’s what you do, what else is new, and big whoop…make the connection and get it through your head that I don’t care!