A new study by the The Schott Foundation for Public Education shows that a meager 47 percent of Black males are graduating from high school. A CNN round table, featuring John Johnson, CEO of the Schott Foundation, and Harlem Children’s Zone CEO Geoffrey Canada, gets down to the matter—asking critical questions about America’s widening education gap.

Johnson, who conducted the study, reveals the numbers show little progress, and are actually heading in the opposite direction. The disappointing figures are compared with 78 percent of White males who are graduating from high school.

An even frightening figure shows that only 25 percent of Black males are graduating in New York state, and in New York City—which has the largest Black male enrollment—only  28 percent graduates.

So what’s happening? Why aren’t Black males earning high school diplomas?

Canada considers two theories. The ever increasing sub-standard of American public education, and the lack of support for Black male students (and their families) attending urban schools with no sense of community.

Johnson, however, urges people to consider external factors—such as economics and incarceration—that obviously play a huge role in why brothas aren’t finishing school. Johnson says, “We know that there’s a correlation between educational attainment and the community’s economic base, and a correlation between educational attainment, and quite frankly, incarceration.”

The panel also covers the subject of mentoring, ultimately citing the successful graduation rates of New York schools like Urban Prep and Eagle Academy. These schools show strategies that could actually bring America’s education gap to a gradual close.

CNN anchor Tony Harris also asks the panel’s thoughts about Education Secretary Ann Duncan’s push to get more Black males in front of classrooms as teachers.

What do you think is the problem(s)? What sound solutions would you offer?

Check out the video of the panel discussion below:

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  • Honeynutts Why generalize, as prior do. Acutally believe compiled statistics? Hello!

    Yes, aware of widening gap. Propersity: why the exaggerations K-12. Urban America
    is disarray…going decrease. To fiscal cuts first refuse. Waste my effort on typical so called. Black response I’m irrate that. Black advocates allow this to succeed. For myself
    call me stereotypical “Sista” single mother. Of 6 4 daughters and 2 beloved sons. All
    grown? You’ll say why the sudden change. Of thought my children endure abusive. K-12 system with myself and others. There all college graduates 4 of my children. Holds
    2 masters degrees engineering. My son had learning disabilities. Now civil engineering owning his firm. Regarding problem many don’t have. Goals this isn’t taugh no faught. To become independent minded. Not government, dependent your not. Black a fact you own it to yourself. As parent even if metroplitan area is incepted. Make your children understand the principles of education. Hip Hop has drop the learning abilities.
    We reside in America for those. Hating either use the social normal. To achieve career
    success or be excluded. Besides youth not graduating K-12. Enrollment in higher learning has decrease. Inquire before who, can you blame? I’m not lame nor insane! Black children insult the gangs. Also contribute to lack of innovativeness! Enjoy the article only going to worse. Last note: majority urban schools rank. Lowest on national
    high school ratings. These determind schools recruited by colleges. Parents need share there interest. Single mothers prefer teenagers. Not oriented this cause disparity!

    • Alex

      “call me stereotypical “Sista” single mother. Of 6 4 daughters and 2 beloved sons.”

      You have sixty-four daughters?!? You needed to keep your legs togetha, “Sista”!

      “My son had learning disabilities. Now civil engineering owning his firm.”

      I’m finding a lot of what you claim VERY hard to believe.

      Tell me: did you grow up the daughter of a poor share-cropper in the Jim Crow south?

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  • sua Sponte

    I think the last commentor was having a stroke when she wrote that. But it is nice all of her kids own their own businesses and are so successful. Eight kids and they all are successful! Gotta love the Internet. Maybe one can teach her how to write without sounding like the incoherent babbling of a homeless person. Oh and I have 10 chitlens and they are all senators and billionaires and doctors. Except one who is a sex offender.

  • Jamal Jenkum

    I think it’s the value system that they embrace – you know the thug life, gangsta rappers, NBA, etc. That, and probably because they are just plain stupid.