From Black Voices — The Rev. Al Sharpton wants a federal investigation in to the circumstances leading up to the disappearance ofMitrice Richardson, who is the Cal State Fullerton graduate whoseremains were recently found by police.

The young woman, who suffered from bipolar disorder, was released from a Malibu police subsation with no car, cell phone or money, after being arrested for failing to pay an $89 dinner bill.

Sharpton said that minority women do not get the same amount of attention as missing Caucasian women and that it’s time for that to change:

“The incident must be raised to a review of what the process was compared to others in the area. It could be a test case of what’s going on around the country, where missing African Americans are not considered a priority for law enforcement or the media,” Sharpton told The Root.

Sharpton said his National Action Network was sending a letter to Attorney GeneralEric Holder.

Both of Richardson’s parents have filed suits against the police. Police officials say they followed the proper procedure in releasing Richardson and have invested thousands of hours in looking for the young woman.

However, missing persons statistics and an examination of missing persons media coverage bear out Sharpton’s complaint, a complaint that has long been echoed throughout the black community.

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