Reports from both CNN and local news station in Detroit are confirming a “person of interest” in a slew of killings in the Michigan area and additional attacks in Leesburg and Ohio is currently in custody in Atlanta. Police and local area residents believe the attacks were racially driven, all victims have “dark-skin.”

The likely suspect was caught by authorities in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. He was trying to board a flight to Tel Aviv according to reports.

The suspect is thought to be the “Flint serial killer” who killed five men and wounded another 10, most of the man’s victims have been Black.

No DNA conclusively links the suspect to the crimes but police reveal there are striking similarities among the attacks. According to reports the serial killer is described as a tall, muscular white man who wears a baseball cap. The “Flint serial killer” attacks by manipulating his victims– before he strikes he gets close and asks for directions or help with his car. At other times, the killer will make a sneak attack approaching victims from behind. Reports confirm all victims were alone when attacked.

It’s been over a week now and a suspect is just being tracked down. Many local area resident and media insiders thought the “Flint serial killer” was not a priority for authorities. The FBI reportedly just stepped in yesterday.

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