Hair Envy: Nikole
COCO caught up with one of our many hair idols, fashion blogger Nikole of The Mop Top Maven. You might recognize her beautiful mane from our “9 Black Fashion Bloggers Worth Bookmarking“ roundup. The Cali-based jewelry designer dishes about her hair journey, favorite products and more! (Continue Reading…)

Dealing With Leggings Separation Anxiety
This time last year eighties leggings were in full swing. From Topshop to Marc Jacobs, leggings were embraced by the industry and we ate it up.

As we close the chapter on Spring/Summer 2010, and strut into Fall, our fitted bottoms seem to have taken a leave of absence. Are leggings over? (Continue Reading…)

Timeless Beauties
These women defy the laws of time and give new meaning to the phrase “aging gracefully.” Their poise and charisma remind us that beauty is only skin deep. And that true beauty that stands the test of time is the kind that radiates from within.

Gabrielle Union, 38. It’s no surprise the actress’s flawless skin has landed her campaigns with leading skincare lines. For years she played a high school cheerleader in “Bring It On” (she was 10 years older than her character!). Her charming smile and girl-next-door persona will never fade. (Continue Reading…)

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