Whether it’s to cover up premature grays or experiment with a bold new look, hair color is especially a hot topic when it comes to not so “natural-looking” shades. While some Black women (and men) are born with naturally blond and red hair, it’s certainly not as common as black and dark brown hues.

Certain assumptions are then made about a woman based on her chemically-induced, unconventional tint. It may become a hindrance when searching for a job. Her education level and socio-economic background may come into question. She may receive subpar service or treatment at a retailer or on the street. But can we expect these hair colors to translate into “fashionable” in the real world?

Singer Rihanna recently turned heads with her new fire-engine red do.  The trendsetter has rocked every shade from auburn to platinum blond streaks. Is it Rihanna’s celeb status that makes her bright red tresses trendy and not tacky?

Is it fair that someone famous gets a pass and is labeled “hip” when the average woman walking down the street gets dismissed as “hood”? Sound off!

– Audra E. Lord

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