A new video shows the sad chronology of a little girl’s journey from healthy natural hair to a kiddie perm gone wrong, and the emotional return as the child with the help of her hair stylist attempts to grow her hair again.

The video is shown against Corrine Bailey Rae’s “Like A Star,” so it’s easy to become stirred by varied feelings of shock, disappoint, and, ultimately, anger. In the beginning, the video shows the child’s hair healthy, natural, and growing until suddenly the Easter when the child’s mother decided to relaxed her hair.

We witness the tragic effects of the young child’s premature scalp and coils undergo what was completely unnecessary and obviously traumatic for the child. The stylist says the little girl refused to let her cut off the damaged ends of her strands asking, “When will my hair grow back?” So sad.

Have a look for yourself.

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  • binks

    Wow that is sad, I don’t think kids should get perms point blank not until they are of age. I still don’t like the idea of box perms you can get in stores and apply it yourself because of the chemical content and the lack of knowledge of how to apply them, how long they should be in for, etc. Even though there are instructions most people don’t reads them and just eye ball it, so I just think relaxers should be professionally done by an expert all this over the shelf stuff needs to be axe. My mom just went through the same thing because the perm she got left serious burns in the back of her scalp really bad (thank god they are healing up) but it was a mess. That just made me think twice of whether I want to continue my relaxed state or go back to my natural state.

  • God Bless

    When I looked at that picture it was like looking at myself at the age of 8. At 8 yrs old classmates constantly teased me about my natural hair I was called so many hurtful names and I wanted nothing more then to be like everyone else.So I would go home and plead with my mom on how bad I wanted a relaxer so the kids would stop making fun of me. After months of begging and wishing she finally took me to a beautician for my first relaxer.. and boy was it painful I thought I would die! but once it was all over with I looked in the mirror and felt like a brand new person my hair was sooo long longer than the girls that teased me at school. :) I felt like a new person! The teasing stopped for a while then the teasing started about my clothes!! Go figure. But about 2 weeks into my relaxer my hair started shedding every where and comming out in handfulls.. My hair looked very similar to the young ladies in the picture. my mom would braid it to try and mask what damage that had been done but the kids could obviously see what was noticeble. I was humiliated!! and the teasing was packed on ten times as worse then before. I had to be transferred to another school it had gotten so bad. Kids can be cruel!! and I hope that child doesnt go through any of the things that I went through as a kid she is in my prayers.

    • marissa

      girl me too

      I nearly cried watching this. Due to chlorine pools and perms I spent from 9 till 15 having my hair fall out either in clumps or sheading on to my clothes.

  • cherbear

    Reminds me of my hair during my young relaxed days. Never again for me. If I ever have a daughter or son, I will make sure they love their natural hair. These relaxers are toxic!

    I seriously think relaxers should be banned for anyone under the age of 18. Of course that will never happen.

    Lesson learned.

  • So sad

  • Mimi

    Oh,my word! I am crying bitterly as I respond to this! Poor baby! The poor baby! Oh, what possessed your poor mother to do this to you??? I imagine that she’s simply heartbroken. I once happened to meet a woman with an infant girl who came into a salon with intentions to relax the child’s hair. I screamed aloud and demanded to know the child’s age and she answered “Oh,she’s eleven months,I’m getting ready for her birthday in two weeks”. I threatened to call the police and she saw that I was serious. “Well,I was only going to do the ends… you know soften it a little…” No you weren’t, you sick ignoramus, you were going to burn that infant’s scalp out because you were too lazy to put conditioner on her hair during washing. I had seen too many of my tiny students crying because their scalps were blistered, burnt and bleeding from getting perms at 4 and 5 years old. I have not been able to confirm it, but I have gradually come to suspect that early chemical processing damages the sight and hearing of young girls. I gave the woman detailed instructions on how to properly deep condition her baby’s hair prior to combing with a wide tooth comb, no brushes as her daughter was blessed with thick super curly Afro hair. I also told the stylist off because she was about to open the jar of relaxer and set to at once, if I hadn’t starting screaming. I think of that little girl often. She must be about 10 now and I truly hope her mother got enough sense not to completely ruin this lovely baby’s crowning glory.