Fantasia Barrino is under fire.  Not long after scandal struck alleging the 26 year-old singer broke up a marriage and has a sex tape, reports confirmed Fantasia overdosed on aspirin and sleep aids.

The medical scare has done little to warrant compassion and empathy from the public, including gossip sites and readers alike.

On one popular gossip blog, a commenter stated, “The bitch knows she was wrong.  That’s why she tried to kill herself.”

According to RadarOnline, the “American Idol” champion’s overdose on medication was intentional.  The site reveals a police report classifying the incident as a suicide attempt.

The report states the singer suffered from possible internal injuries.

Fantasia’s father, Jospeh Barrino, spoke on the artist’s behalf telling RadarOnline, “she’s doing fine.”

And still online readers continue to sling vile at the troubled star.

“You know what..now I am mad!!! Because she tried to bring attention to herself,” claims another reader.

“Bless her stupid heart,” hurls a commenter from a notable entertainment site.

Wow.  Why is there so much contention around Fantasia?  When did she stop being Black America’s darling who moved us to tears when she sang “Summertime” as a blossoming vocalist on “American Idol,” and become the woman we love to hate?

Now, I’m not excusing Fantasia’s behavior—sleeping with a married man, as she has been alleged of doing, is not healthy, nor is it a positive example for her impressionable 9 year-old daughter.

But what happened to waiting for the whole story?  What happened to the benefit of the doubt?  When did we all become so mean?

Let us all bear in mind that we can never truly ascend when we cast contempt and enmity toward our sisters.  By design, we will fail.

Our hearts go out to Fantasia and her family during this difficult time.

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  • T Will

    I’ve read a few comments about the reference I made regarding “We’ve all done some ho shit”. And I’m not going to back track on what I said, but clearly, I’ve struck a nerve, however I meant the reference to mean that we’ve all made mistakes as women with men that we look back on and say to ourselves, “Maybe that was something I did not need to do”. Or “That was stupid, I’m smarter than that,”

    Anywho, that comment is NOT to be taken personally, because if you know you’re not that, then it doesn’t apply to you, but I can understand why some took it that way. I would guess that most of us are respectable and carry ourselves as such, my main point was to say that women in general really need to stop judging each other period, we can be our own harshest critic, we don’t know why some people make the choices they make who is anyone to judge.

  • KELS

    He who is with out sin cast the first stone. Half of you people that are saying all these things about her probably woke up this morning up with somebody else’s man. So sweep around your own front door. Not excusing her for what she has done,but we all got dirt and no sin is greater then the other it is all sin