The news about Laurence Fishburne’s daughter 19 year-old daughter Montana just gets worse and worse. The young woman revealed on her father’s birthday that she has aspirations to be famous like Kim Kardashian by making a sex tape. Now a video has been released showing an interview with a woman, NeNe who claims not only is Montana an emerging porn star, but she’s also a prostitute.

See videos 1, 2, and 3 here:

There are just so many questions. Where is Montana’s mother? And where did Laurence Fishburne go wrong?

This is obviously a cry for help. What daughter of a major Hollywood movie star has to take the sex tape route? If Kim Kardashian parents were superstars, it is less likely that she would have intentionally made a sex tape as she has been alleged of doing. If Paris Hilton had half a working brain, her billion dollar inheritance could have secured her a more reputable occupation. Seems Nicky Hilton got the hint.

And let’s be clear, Kim Kardashian can go from sex tape to reality star to a woman behind her own fragrance brand, if a Black woman takes that route, she is labeled a whore and met with nothing less than public abomination and ridicule.

Reports detail that Montana’s XXX movie will be pushed up to a August 10th release. The film will be released by Vivid Entertainment–the same company that distributed both Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s sex tape.

In the most recent statement from Montana, the misled girl says her father is less than thrilled. “I heard he’s mad at me, but I haven’t spoken to him yet.”

Surprisingly Montana is certain everything will work out with her father. “I feel pretty confident that I can work things out with him,” claims Montana. “I think he wants to support me in everything I do and though he sees this now as a negative, I believe in time he will view it as a positive.”

What do you think happened here? Is Laurence Fishburne at all responsible? Or did Montana simply fall into the wrong crowd?
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  • Akai*.

    “And let’s be clear…if a Black woman takes that route, she is labeled a whore and met with nothing less than public abomination and ridicule.”

    Why is it often so necessary to pull this “If a BW did XYZ” line?

    This is defeatist, always expecting the worst, and sooo unattractive.

    Who is the most successful and well-known Miss America ever? Vanessa Williams!

    This is a woman who weathered extreme controversy and being ‘de-throned’ to came out on top; and, this happened way back in the day before I was born when things like nude pictures with another woman (lesbian) was considered way more scandalous and the end of a career.

    Williams got the last laugh all the way to the bank because she went on to have #1 songs, a platinum album, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award nominations, successful appearances on Broadway, movie roles and spots on top TV shows like Ugly Betty.

  • binky

    I usually agree with your comments but I’ am on the fence with this one. I’ am a huge fan of Vanessa Williams but she is an exception to the rule due to the fact that after the pics she left the spotlight for awhile and she has raw talent making people drawn to her aside from the scandal so that was one of the many reasons she bounced back.
    Plus, Vanessa Williams didn’t willingly go out to show her photos, so in her case they were in fact leaked. And yes, the media and some people went in on her at the time and tried to ruin her but she came back swinging and people noticed her for her voice, beauty and appeal as an actress. So due to her talent, people stuck by her which helped her transition. She was embarrassed and did everything to distance herself from scandal to make a name for herself on her own merit so people can know her, not Vanessa Williams with the nude pics, so that is why she is an exception. Montana Fishburn case is odd hence why she is being met with distaste because we really don’t know her for anything but her dad while Vanessa Williams have tons of credits to her name that overshadows the pics.
    But if Vanessa Williams didn’t have that mega talent, I doubt she would have bounced back and survived the way she did in Hollywood.

    • Akai*.

      I see where you’re coming from, Binky, and I think we might actually be agreeing for the most part. If selling @ss is all one has to offer then many will label that individual a ho whether they are black, white or brown!

      Vanessa took her hits and was criticized, humiliated, name-called etc. but she had true talent and something to offer/put on the table and was given a chance (by the industry and public) to ultimately rise above and succeed. I once read that Hugh Heffner (Playboy) was first offered those pictures and turned them down as he respected that she was the first AA Miss America and didn’t want to ‘sully’ that…and I suppose I basically disagree with any notion that all whites are evil devils out to drag every BW down.

      Sooo many women have overcome a lot of mess and I just don’t see any value in constant hyperbole, seeing the glass as ½ empty or always being defeatist and chalking everything up to race (instead of believing in one’s self, talent, hard work, sacrifice etc.) because it’s a cop-out that just doesn’t get anyone anywhere. I’m not the type that always looks for the worst and believes anything is possible.

      Another thing that struck me was some people acting as if there are lots of Jenna Jamesons when there are not…as if all white porn chicks come out unscathed and go on to success and $10 million movie deals. Most porn ‘actresses’ of any and all races simply end up turned out, burned out and dug out at the end of the day. And, heck, even Jenna Jameson will never have a successful career as a serious actress and will probably always be seen as dysfunctional, low-class, nasty etc.

    • binky

      You do have great points. Because I look at Jenna Jamison as someone who is an expectation to the rule as well and broke the mold of porn stars if you will because before her most people recognize and know male porn stars by their names as oppose to the women. Sure they may recognize the woman’s face or body but they rarely know them by name, Jenna Jamison broke the mold and flipped it the industry around (be it for better or worse the jury is still out on that point…lol) but their aren’t a lot of Jenna Jamison around in porn that made a lot of money and basically made a brand out of themselves whether they are white, brown or black. I watched her special on E! and she basically said she still gets death threats and nasty letters by the dozens from people so she didn’t get a pass either.

      So I agree, you really can’t pigeonhole black women and say black women can’t do x,y and z in this situation because the favor isn’t really in white women’s corner either. Montana used Kim K as an example but the reason Kim K got away with it was because she had a different type of beauty and likeability that made her stand out from the Paris Hilton’s of the world and of course with a famous step dad and Ryan Seacreast in her corner she could turn it around. It basically comes down to whether the said individual has talent that they can raise above it, have a famous person in their corner or if the public is interested in them and that they have a certain appeal. However, their are a lot of people who don’t like Kim K at the end of the day so she didn’t raise above it either because her tape is brought back in her face.

      But Vanessa Williams like other Hollywood famous women who have questionable past, like Cameron Diaz are famous and pushed their scandal aside because they distanced themselves from it, use their talent and worked hard so people see them just from them not the person with the shady past like Montana and other misguided women who try to use these incidents as a jumping stone for a career when most of the time it simply doesn’t work. But I get you because I’ am guilty of it myself, sometimes we focus on race instead of looking at the overall picture by a case by case basis.

  • Eliza Miller

    Vanessa Williams had a couple of nude photos for a magazine which is considered tame in 2016. She didn’t have a XXX sex tape. Big difference. Not only that but she’s light skinned w/ green eyes. I agree with the writer. Circumstances are not the same with black women.