From Black Voices — When it comes to black celebrity faces, makeup artist Sam Fine seems to have worked his magic on them all. His long list of clientele include Vanessa Williams, Iman, Chanel Iman, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks, and the list goes on!

BlackVoices recently had the pleasure of catching up with the makeup guru while touring Ricky’s NYC in SoHo.

During our visit, Fine was generous enough to share a few makeup tips as well as give us the scoop on the latest fall trends. From lashes and mascaras to foundation and blush — BlackVoices has got you covered!

Fall Trends:

We can expect rich emerald shades, beautiful violet shades and smokier eyes. We’re really going back to glamour and it’s what we’re seeing on the red carpet from celebrities. They want the glamour; they don’t want a clean look. If they’re doing just a clean look, they’re pairing it with a red lip or a burgundy lip that still says glamour.

Makeup Tips:

Powder vs. Liquid vs. Cream

Sam Recommends: Black Opal
Powder is the least amount of foundation that you could wear, but everything builds from that. When you get older, using better coverage makeup will help you look more polished. Liquid foundation has a bit more coverage than powder and cream foundation gives you the most coverage. Women of color deal with hyper pigmentations, scarring and varied tones; cream foundations can really pull those tones together. It’s one of my favorite products to use.

Sponges vs. Brushes

Sam Recommends: Beauty Blender
I prefer sponges over foundation brushes. Many people are into foundation and concealer brushes which work well, but I feel sponges help you regulate coverage better. They hold on a little bit when you’re blending and even work well with applying primer. I can also gauge coverage better with a sponge that holds on to a little bit of product.

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