From The BVX — By Andreas Hale – There are many things to protest about in this world, but to waste time and energy protesting Atlantic Records to release Lupe Fiasco’s album seems a bit silly.

In a country that is dealing with economic downturnsocial injustices and a still flawed health care system, you would think that people would take to the streets to demand what they want. But what happens when what the people want has nothing to do with anything that would make a difference in the world. Apparently, there is a group of people that truly believe that the most important thing to protest about is a record label releasing an album.

That is exactly what fans of Lupe Fiasco will be protesting about on October 15th from noon to 9pm outside of the Atlantic Records offices in New York. They don’t want free health care or justice to be served in the Oscar Grant trial. They want Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers album to see the light of day.

According to numerous reports, the “Lasers” album has been indefinitely shelved due to Atlantic Records and Lupe not being able to come to terms on the creative direction of the project. Word from Fiasco is that the album has been finished since 2008. “Shining Down” and “I’m Beamin'” have leaked as potential singles but there hasn’t been any other insight on when and if the album would be released.

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