And the “reality” antics continue for our favorite celebs of yesteryear. Singing brothers K-Ci and Jojo, from the popular 90’s group Jodeci, score a TV One reality show, “K-Ci & Jojo: Come Clean.” The pair will take their now grown fans behind the scenes as they try to rekindle their careers from alcoholism and back to the sobering music scene.

The network will present a nine-episode docu-series. K-Ci and Jojo agreed to live together during their filming stint.

Who would have ever thought that the boys we dreamed of during our pubescent years would turn out to be near-fallen crooners fighting addiction and other demons? But such is the music world. These days, musical icons are starring in “reality” series in the hope of recapturing the fan base that have either forgotten about them or intentionally made an exit.

The series premieres in October. I guess we can pull out those old Jodeci records. Wait, have we ever put them away?

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