Yup, you heard right. On Saturday, September 25th Lil’ Kim and her cousin Katrise Jones cut the ribbon and opened the doors of their new hair salon in Charlotte, North Carolina. The grand opening of “Salon Se Swa by Queen Bee” is said to be just the beginning for Kim’s new venture in the hair industry; she plans to open other locations of the chain nationwide in the years to come. And I must say, despite harsh feedback on her recent magazine cover, Kimmie looked quite cute at the event! We aint mad atcha, girl. Not too mad, at least . . .

*Raise your hand if you would let Lil’ Kim give you a relaxer* Haha, I’m kiddddddingggg . . . . We wish you the best!

Photos Courtesy of KidduNot.com

Chelsea Smith

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  • anaturaldiva

    Bet they wont b specialiizing in natural hair.

  • Toya

    Kudos to her for investing in herself. Shame on her for using a hood spelling of a french term. I hope it does well and isn’t one of those overpriced for the sake of being overpriced joints.

  • Niki

    I concur. Her augmented face looks better than some pics i saw a few weeks back. I’m amazed her nipple is visible…..then again it is Kim. SMH.

  • Niki

    PS, Megan Goode needs a stylist, NC in some Bermuda denim shorts and a pair of tan leather boots?! <>