Ladies’ Night is a night life tradition that brings women out to clubs around the country evening after evening. From after work events, to weekend parties, promoters draw females to clubs with free entry before 11 and discounted drinks.

But “anti-feminist lawyer” Roy Den Hollander took his complaint against “Ladies’ Night”  all the way up to The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan. Hollander said that clubs violate men’s civil rights when they charge men more than women for entry and drinks.

The attorney was shocked to find that the court ruled against his claim. He was unable to prove that certain nightclubs broke any discrimination laws by luring women in with inexpensive drinks. An angry Hollander says, “It does not matter whether the nightclubs charge males or females or blacks or Latins or any other identifiable group more for admission—it is now constitutional.” Hollander went on to say, “It’s either a decision driven by feminist ideology or the Second Circuit decided to punt the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Is it really unfair that some clubs give women preferential treatment? But isn’t “Ladies’ Night” ultimately for single men though? The more women in the club, the better right?

Is Ladies’ Night reverse-sexism? Sound off!

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  • Jacquie

    Honestly, what Mr. Hollander should do is open a bar in a highly populated women city, town, or state and offer “Gentlemen Night” with reduce to free coverage and discounted drinks. I believe he would be successful and if I had the dream of being a bar or nightclub owner I would do it.

    Let’s face it:

    – Women nowadays will pay to go out dancing with their friends of “Ladies Night with the Girls” and most of us have been paying for our own drinks. Some of us have no issues with paying for a man’s drink or going Dutch.

    – Since the economy downfall more women are breadwinner and in the workforce than men. More women in cities who are childless and young make more than men. We are more financially independent than ever. The unemployment rate hit men the hardest than women.

    – Many women are looking for love, marriage, and to have children. If she is in a town, city, or state that is highly condense populated with women than men. Then it would be wise that some nightclubs would offer “Men’s Night” I’m sure if a nightclub in a particular city offers discount for men, men from outside city and town would travel—there maybe more men at the nightclub than women or an even “playing field” I know when clubs offer Ladies Night—there is always more women than men. Especially in my state where women outnumber men.

    There is a middle ground in all of this. I refuse to play the victim role of “I’m a docile woman who must have discounts due to my gender” Honestly, I do get a bit annoyed when women don’t realize how far we have come nor appreciate it. I have compassion for Mr. Hollander: maybe he is speaking out towards men who lost their job and are unemployed who would LOVE to go out and have a drink and his dance on but he is on a budget until he finds employment? Is it a petty cause? Maybe it is but to him, it may not be and I respect that. I also can see where “Ladies Night” should no longer be acceptable practice…at least with our economy today and the stats of women employment vs. men.

  • Leah

    The picture above is a little misleading. I googled ‘Roy den Hollander’ and he’s a middle aged white man. I know that may seem a little trivial to point out, but if you look at it in a different perspective Mr. Hollander comes from a “privileged” social position in regard to power. He is a white, presumably heterosexual, man who is at the pinnacle of the socio-power hierarchy and he’s complaining about trivial benefits that his male privilege (usually the trump card in any gender dynamics) won’t afford him. Boo f-ing hoo!

    I agree with some of the other posters. If you want to cry about skewed gender relations and one sex being treated unfairly how bout tackling more pressing issues like wage differences between men and women, or how domestic violence disproportionately affects more women than men? No, he wants to cry about the fact that women get a discount on certain nights at the club which he can’t get. I’m sure he’s gotten other passes (i.e. discounts) in life for being a white, heterosexual male (which he probably never thought twice–or in depth about), but he wants to complain because can’t have get a half-price off pass into the club or on drinks for the night. WTH?!

    • sloane

      totally agree.

    • Anderson

      This does not make any sense, The issue is practice of sexism in the form of charging more for one gender. The discussion that whites are well off and probably he might have got some discount is not related to this issue.

  • Jason

    Is it sexist? Absolutely. But since it targets men society winks at it.

  • Me27

    Seriously?!? He couldn’t find a better example of sexism against men? The only thing he could come up with was “we get charged more at clubs”?!? That’s just laughable…

    If you have a problem with being charged more, just go to a bar that’s free for everyone…

    Does sexism occur against men? sure, but It’s just hard to take this claim seriously when frivolous law suits like this exist