White soul men have been around for decades. Jerry Lee Lewis, Rob Parissi from the 70’s band Wild Cherry who sang “Play That Funky Music White Boy,” and the three White brothers that made up The Bee Gees: all have arguably set the stage for all of the sultry-singing White boys who rock our iTouches and Pandora stations today.

Not without their own share of controversy, such as allegedly stealing the Black man’s moves, or even a Black woman’s riffs—hello Elvis!—White soul men have dominated the charts with their screaming multi-cultural female fans in tow.

These days Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake are the White soul singing leaders. But these artists ascend from a long line of contemporary White boys who seem to have the rhythm and blues seeping out of their melanin-less skin.

We compiled a list of our favorite White soul brothers in American modern music. Who’s your favorite?

Jon B


Jason Kay of Jamiroquai

Robin Thicke

Daniel Merriweather

Justin Timberlake

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