There used to be a time when lace front wigs were reserved for the television, film, and theater worlds. But for the last five to seven years, lace fronts have permeated urban communities, being sold at local beauty supply stores and online shops. Lace fronts have been traditionally reserved for professional instead of everyday use because it often takes expert artistry to properly conceal the wig’s “hair lace”—the flesh-tone, or transparent, band that allows the hair to look as if it’s coming directly from the scalp. Hollywood starlets like Tyra Banks and Beyonc√© live for them, but for the everyday, regular woman who isn’t filthy rich, the popular hair trick isn’t so inconspicuous.

And the fellas, boy are they getting a kick out of it. This new video is evidence.

Worldstar Hip Hop has posted a video of a local rap group identified as Nod Ross, Stanley Black and William Boston. They call out the women who proudly rock lace front wigs, and their more than obvious missing edges. In the song, “Lacefront Shawty,” the men rap, “You can’t find her edges, they lost, like Nemo.” The song proceeds to bring attention to all of the unattractive qualities of lace front wigs: their missing hairline, the plastic band, excessively shiny hair, and so on.

Take a look at the video. What do you think about lace fronts? Are they fresh or a mess?

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