Nyne Lyves Jewelry is an emerging brand of ornate accessories for the free-spirited youth. With an assortment of nose chains, rings, head pieces, and more, the company is on the up and up to becoming a very popular fashion force to be reckoned with. We recently caught up with the designer, Nyne, to get more information on her collection:

What prompted you to begin a jewelry line?

I began making nosechains for myself after expressing boredom with my hoop (which I had since 16). My mom made my first nosechain, and shortly thereafter people started asking about them. Once I realized I could make them, I decided to expand and utilize my talent. I have always loved rings, and want to make many more of those.

What is the meaning behind the name “Nyne Lyves”?

So it was my birthday 2 years ago (6/12) and 6+2+1=9. I was on 9th street in DC and my gal was telling this guy to go buy a number. I thought it was z flyest idea and 9 has ALWAYS been my favorite number. Shortly after, I researched the number, and it has awesome meanings. 9 is the number of creative ideas, and it’s the most complex of the simple numbers. There was wayyy too much symbolism to ignore. So I am NYNE and I LIVE. Nyne Lyves.

For you, what is the allure of the nose chain, as opposed to other accessory options?

A nose chain is the most creative way to say “F-you” upon the face. It’s non-conventional and that scares people. Some people approach me and say, “That’s cool, but I could never wear that.” I think they’re fancy, and grunge at the same time.

Tell us about your latest collection. What is it called and what was your inspiration?

“A Crystallized Freedom” is the latest collection for Nyne Lyves Jewelry. It’s way more grown up. It is very fancy (damn you, Drake, for mainstreaming my favorite word). I worked with swarvoski crystals for this line—and I think it is resilient. I named it “ACF” because each piece is a gold plated bird covered in crystals. I want people to take character and identity from my pieces. I want them to feel anew in my jewelry. If anything I want them to feel comfortable—and I think this collection does that.

To date, what has been your favorite design and why?

Literally every piece I make is my favorite! When I am completing an order, I’m like “Omg, I love this!” But let me think . . . the “A Spade is A Spade” ring is definitely a collectors item. ; )

To our understanding, a few of your pieces have already been spotted on some very well-known and visible ladies. Tell us a bit about your celebrity clientele and how those relationships came about.

Celebs . . . they are so alluring. Obviously, I have worked with Shanell (Young Money) and that was totally awesome. I just studied her when I was in my beginning stages, and I thought to myself, “I will make a chain for her one day.” The next thing I know, I am on a set providing her with jewels :). I met Dawn (Dirty Money) at a photo shoot too, and she was the sweetest. She loved the Spade ring. Vashtie and I have run into each other a couple of times, so I just let her know and sent her something.

Now, Ms. Badu . . . she is still a dream to me. The whole situation is a dream. I REALLY stamped that she would be one of my clients, without actually believing it you know. After one of her shows, I waited two hours to give her a piece I made for her. She is the most amazing, influential, brilliant—bi golly I’m blushing—she is the epitome of the message I am sending with my jewelry. E. Badu is daring and true. That is what I want my customers to be, themselves. Oops, off track . . . so nonetheless, she has a chain and I love that. I don’t want to be seen as strictly a celebrity designer because my jewels are for all people. Like rights, except I stand by them and I am big on FREEDOM. Let us shine through, and why not in style;)

What’s next for Nyne Lyves jewelry, and how can readers stay up-to-date with the brand?

Nyne Lyves Jewelry, much like myself, is ALWAYS changing. I have a new collection that I am working on, and I want to keep progressing. You will soon see my pieces in stores and in more shops online. You can stay abreast with me and my line through my website, www.nynelyves.com. I blog damn near everyday and every entry is an entry into my life. Oh and I am on twitter, I tweet like the bird that I am www.twitter.com/nyne4nynelyves.

-Chelsea Smith

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