From The Grio — Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has come under fire from his predecessor former mayor John Street who questioned the current mayor’s blackness, sentiments Nutter tells are “ignorant and undignified.”

“I was elected as mayor of the city of Philadelphia and all of its constituencies,” Nutter said.

He says that all Philadelphia residents are concerned about the same issues: quality schools, safe streets, and a government, which operates with integrity.

Responding further to Street’s attack on him, Nutter adds that the comments are a distraction and only serve to draw attention away from the current scandal Street himself is facing due to his management of the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Nutter is in New York to participate in NBC’s Education Nation Summit. He says it’s because he’s focused on his job as mayor.

“I think that education is the most critical issue facing the city of Philadelphia, the state of Pennsylvania, and the nation,” Nutter said.

Despite his work on the tasks in front of him and his efforts to improve the quality of life in Philadelphia some believe Street’s criticism of Mayor Nutter may ring true with members of the African-American community.

Philadelphia columnist Harold Jackson recently wrote that Nutter may want to learn from D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty’s recent electoral defeat after he loss favor within his city’s African-American community.

The debate about whether or not today’s African-American politicians have to make an extra effort to cater to the black community in order to be successful is not new.

Dr. Lester Spence, an assistant professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University says, “African American constituencies are neither viewed nor treated as full citizens, but as ‘special interests’ even though helping this constituency arguably helps others.”

As has been noted Adrian Fenty lost his bid for reelection as D.C. mayor, and Congressman Artur Davis lost hisbid to become the first black Governor of the state of Alabama after failing to win the black vote.

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    negroes really need to make up their minds.
    on the one hand we want folk to get an education.
    then when they get that ivy league degree we tell them they are not “black”.
    which is it?

    living in philly i fend it comical that street who spent his entire tenure with his nose up the white man’s butte can even open his mouth to talk about another.
    it’s all a joke yall.

  • WoW

    They won’t be happy until they get some ebonic speaking fool who takes all their taxes and misuses it for personal pleasure. Then they’ll feel like they have a black mayor.

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  • Clnmike

    Fenty’s situation was different, he bit the hand the fed him by firing teachers and city workers who voted for him and not expecting payback for it. Couple that with his flippant response to voters he was doomed. Improving the quality of life for some at the expense of others doesn’t work.