La La Vazquez inks a new show for VH1, “La La’s Full Court Wedding.” The VJ takes viewers behind her road to the alter.

After much doubt, and “the longest engagement ever,” the show documents the wedding with NBA star Camelo Anthony. The “reality” centered network releases the premiere episode revealing juicy details for what’s to come on the upcoming show.

The show features the popular former “TRL” host with her hubby Camelo, and their super adorable three-and-a-half-year-old son. Look out for a cameo from sexy actor-singer Tyrese who advises La La against hanging out with unmarried women. Umm . . . 

Watch a busy, and, at times, frustrated La La scrabble through wedding planning, dress selection, and all the attention-to-detail a star-studded wedding takes. Check out the glamour of celebrity wedding planning, and the stress it takes for La La to stick to her budget and limited guest list.

If you love a good wedding show, this seems to be a safe bet. “La La’s Full Court Wedding” premieres Sunday, September 19.

Check out the premiere episode! Are you watching?

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  • They are a good match couples. I hope I can watch the wedding show.

  • internationelle

    Absolutely, watching! I think there is something to be said to hang out with women who are in the same place and space as you. This is not to say dis your single friends but understand that your family is first and that means a few lifestyle changes may need to happen. By hanging with other married women you can begin to see what it takes and receive advice from those who began their journey to married life.