According to a new study, the “no texting while driving” law isn’t effective in reducing car crashes. What’s more, the study says the law may increase the risk.

The study was performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safetyand the center released its findings today in Kansas City.

Data was collected in California, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Washington before and after texting while driving was banned. Motor collisions increased by nine percent in Minnesota. Sources revealed Washington was recently discounted from the study, because the percentage was too law to hold statistical significance.

The research surprisingly found that the number of crashes increased in these states after the texting bans went into effect.

Results show that younger motorists were more likely to text while driving. In all four states tested, drivers under 25 had more crashes with the most substantial increase in California with a rise of 12 percent post-ban in January 2009.

But highway officials claim that enforcement of the ban is just getting started.

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  • Even though driving while texting did not reduce crash, it’s still not good to text while your driving, that is very dangerous.

  • Jenn

    It does not surprise me at all that the crash rates did not reduce after this law passed. If people were texting and driving before, they most likely will not stop just because it is a law. In fact, they would probably be more focused on hiding their texting from lurking police now instead of actually texting. While I do not support texting and driving, I do think that some people can text and drive without it having much of an affect on them, so making it a law is unnecessary.