The trailer for the French film, “Venus Noire,” which examines the life of the Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman, also known in 19th century Europe as the “Hottentot Venus,” was recently released. The film, directed by Abdel Kechiche, is sure to cause a stir, as the work largely suggests that the racist-sexist experiences of Baartman still linger today.

“Venus Noire,” also known as “Black Venus,” has already earned critical acclaim. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

“Venus Noire” will be screened at the upcoming New York Film Festival. The teaser below is the first of the film released to the general viewing public.

Baartman’s experiences as a traveling exhibition throughout Europe was also the subject of Suzan-Lori Park’s 1996 stage play, “Venus.”

“Venus Noire” premieres in France on October 27th. No information yet released on an U.S. date.

Check out “Venus Noire” trailer below. Stayed tuned to CLUTCH for the screening schedule.

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  • binks

    An interesting movie clip, I can’t wait to see it and how they portray her story

  • fari

    i think this will be interesting to say the least. while i do not consider the French to be any more enlightened on the subject of race than any other group of white people, it seems like the fillmmaker might be one of us, and i’m intrigued to see where this film goes. On another note, i read the comment where beautifuldreamer gets called out for having Pam Grier as her avi. i had to respond b/c i see a HUGE difference between her sexploitation of the 70s and the contemporary strain we see today. the difference is this: while Ms. Grier was clearly a sex symbol, she never degraded herself. she was fierce, powerful, and kicked ass!!! where do we see any of the video models, porn stars or girls that be up in the club too much kicking ass? being powerful? commanding attention with a regal sexuality? Ms. Grier although a sex symbol was still a proud Black woman. unfortunately, you can’t say that about many Black women who are given the spotlight today.

    • S.

      I disagree. That’s like saying art can’t be exploitation because it’s art.

      If the ingredients are the same then the output is the same.

      How are you defining “degrading” btw? Is it based on what the women show, how nude they get, the type of sexual performance…. are you measuring it by the amount of free will involved or the amount of time they spent being violent, aka “kicking ass”? I don’t get it…

  • Busi

    Wow , I want to watch this. Although I’m glad the world will now know the story of Saartje , I think South Africans also need to re-examine and understand her story , point in case , I’m from Cape Town and it’s pretty common to say and hear “Jy het en Saartjie Baartman holla” meaning “You have a Saartjie Baartman ass” (both men and women say this to someone who’s considered to have a large derriere) and it’s not considered offense , it’s somewhat of a joke…By the way anybody ever read , he wrote a pretty satirical article about Saartjie , some people took offense…