“Funny or Die” videos are paramount for comedy that pushes the envelope. Whether it’s a cursing toddler, or what, yoga for Black people? Here in a recently posted video an Asian woman displays various yoga moves with pose names that are custom made for Black people. From the Kim “Kardashian/Reggie Bush pose” and the “R. Kelly pose.” Honestly, we had a hearty laugh. But to some of you, this may not be a laughing matter.

How do you feel about this video? Funny or Not?

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  • Blik-i-tie-black

    Now that was funny as hell.

    • YouSayTomatoIsayTomatoe

      Ditto!! Some really should learn to laugh…guess me & you would be in the theater snickering hard, LOL!!

  • YouSayTomatoIsayTomatoe

    Well I definitely laughed the funniest one to me was the Tupac and then she turned her head with her eye open simulating that he faked his death….

    All comedy is not for everyone…but it sure made me laugh.

  • ladee

    honestly it couldve been funnier if she didnt go for the easy jokes…i mean i laugh while doing yoga all the time and if she wouldve intergrated the two more in words … worked on her jokes a lil more she would’ve had a comedy classic. Poor excecution…seems like she wants to b a comedianne. Work on your delivery hun!