Celebrities have a blast with Will Ferell’s Funny or Die, the YouTube of comedy videos. And now Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson join in on the fun with a spoof of Bobby Brown’s classic 1989 dance track “Every Little Step.”

Donning all black suits and dancing shoes just like R&B crooner Bobby Brown, the duo nails the choreography with added and timely humor.

Wayne Brady actually looks good, in sync with popular 80’s dances, nearly reminiscent of Brown, while Mike Tyson is a hysterical display as a background dancer and, later on as lead himself, nearly absent of rhythm, yet filled with laughs.

Near the end of the clip, Bobby Brown himself makes a cameo. The fellas have fun reliving this classic hit track.

Check it out!

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  • sunshyne84

    love it!

  • a/n

    Beyond HIlarious! I like how tyson had no rythim (rythym? i forget how to spell that word..) I give him credit for trying..lol and how Bobby brown should have kept that shirt buttoned up!!!lol.

    • a/n

      btw: Wayne Brady was gettin it in!! all into the camera and song! must have been on his # top 1 songs in ’89 lol!

  • After a really bad week this gave me a reason to laugh. I enjoyed seeing Mike having fun, Wayne is so talented and seeing Bobby perform brought back good feelings of when my son was young with a bright future ahead of him(which he ruined for drugs and alcohol)and I took him and his friend to a Bobby Brown concert.