From The BVX — When Pastor Terry Jones lights his proverbial match on Saturday’s scheduled ‘Burn a Qur’an Day’ (or as his ignorance would suggest, ‘Burn a Koran Day’), in Gainesville, Florida, he may as well hurl copies of the Bible and Torah right along into his bonfire.

Unbeknownst to the ‘intellectually astute’ and ‘well-read’ (yes, sarcasm intended) Jones, the Qur’an was built upon the Torah and Bible in many ways, and even contains some of the exact same epic stories as the other two Holy Scriptures. But in a post-9/11 age of fear mongering and hatred, how can someone like Pastor Jones even begin to comprehend that he will in effect be burning chapters on his very own Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

For the past few months, we as a nation have witnessed an alarming and shocking rise in vitriolic rhetoric and actions against Muslims both domestically and abroad. Juxtaposing a diverse body of over 1.5 billion people with the actions of a few cowards on September 11th, 2001, those that fan the flames of abhorrence have upped the ante more often than not for their own political gain. The result? An innocent cab driver gets stabbed in NY, a proposed mosque site in Tennessee gets burned down, another in California is attacked and left with signs that read ‘No Temple for the God of Terrorism at Ground Zero’, protests ensue around existing and future mosque sites around the country – including of course lower Manhattan. And now, as a symbolic gesture of solidifying intolerance and plain stupidity, Pastor Jones will hold a Medieval-like fire this Saturday at the expense of all who appreciate religious freedom and our place in the world.

Everyone from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to General David Petraeus and now even President Obama have condemned Pastor Jones’ scheduled burning. But where are the voices from the right? Instead of quelling the animosity, their blatant silence and hesitation (anyone say John Boehner) only reaffirms the notion that they are on Jones’ side.

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  • He calls it the Koran, you call it the Qur-an, this is a detail. Koran is an accepted way of spelling it in most dictionaries. It should in fact be “al-qur’ān,” or rather “القرآن,” because “the language of the Koran is arabic” as it says in the Good Book, muslim version.
    We’ve even heard about this silly story over here in France.
    Burning flags, scriptures and other infantile stuff are current practices where people are ignorant, shouldn’t educated westerners behave differently ?
    “They started it” is a pretty childish reflex, in fact even paying attention to these retarded people is a waste of time.
    Which is what we are doing…

    • Thank you for the spelling lesson.
      Do you have some other good way to non violently protest large violent and oppressive factions and governments based on Islam. It’s just burning a book. It’s not savage or violent.

      Here check out

      Here’s more of your “ignorant people” wasting their time:

      “We hate no one. Some of us in fact are Muslims, some of us are not, but all of us unifiedly believe that the rule of Islam, the laws of Quran and Sharia over people turned our country, Iran, to a slaughterhouse of innocent men and women. Turned it to the Islamic Iran which is the record holder for executions and amputations. When we started this we knew we put our lives on the line to carry out this message which is punishable by death but someone had to step up.”

    • So in English we should call it “the Al-Qur’ān”. That means “The The Qu’ran”

      This is why we have a little thing called “transliteration” and the same reason it’s authorized to be called the “Koran” in American English.

  • Such an ignorant act smh

  • debi

    we have been argueing for months about how american should have more tolerants. Pastor Jones already proved we have more tolerants then them, without even having to burn the quran. Maybe the question now is, SHOULD WE HAVE MORE TOLERANCE? I’m glad the north did not tolerate slavery. Ya things got worse before better,but it was worth it. I’m glad that all people did not tolerate hitler. This quran tells them it is good to kill people like this beautiful iranian woman. they make up lies to justify it. one Iranian told me she killed her husban and was a mass killer. they will kill a 12 year female if she is raped. they say,but there needs to be four male witnesses. that means there should be five men stoned to death. one for raping her. And four for not stopping it. the little girl shoud get to throw the first stones .