From The Grio — By Imani J. Walker I had no idea what I had stumbled upon Wednesday night when I saw a tweet by rapper 50 Cent extolling the greatness of receiving oral pleasures to his nether regions. I initially dismissed it as a celebrity attempting to garner attention and/or to shock his followers. However, after reading the train-of-thought that led to that tweet I realized something far more significant was at play.

Apparently, 50 Cent tweeted “If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol” from his public Twitter account which is followed by nearly 3.4 million people. The tweet has created a stir on a number of blogs, some referring to it as homophobic.


This is not the first time the rapper has gotten into trouble over oral sex. He was reportedly part of an investigation last year after a woman claimed she had been assaulted by one of his G-Unit employees and another woman after denying 50’s employee oral sex at his Farmington, Connecticut home (the same home that coincidentally was owned by Mike Tyson several years ago).

Superficially, his tweet is not a big deal, you may say. 50 Cent was likely speaking to heterosexual males and to his credit those “over 25.” However, the danger in only seeing it as such neglects to take into consideration those of his younger and more impressionable followers. 50’s laissez faire attitude (see this tweet) does not take into account the teens and adolescents–those who by definition are under 25–who are not emotionally mature to deal with most of what comes their way. The teen years are fraught with hormonal fluctuations, drastic changes to the physical body, and emerging questions about sexuality that we have all endured.

On Thursday the tragic story of Tyler Clementi received national media attention. The Rutgers University student committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge after having a sexual encounter he had with a man clandestinely broadcast over the internet by his roommate. Twice. While we can never know for sure, his decision to end his life was probably tied to being outed as a gay male. A stigma that, some would argue, 50 Cent’s tweet reinforced.

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  • Mrs. Bodie Broadus

    Yeah, all of these articles about 50’s tweet are reaching. I follow 50 on Twitter b/c he’s hilarious. Offensive? Very. But still hilarious. I’m not even a 50 fan so I’m mad that I’m on here defending him but he CONSTANTLY says on Twitter that if you are not an adult, stay off his timeline. It is not 50’s responsibility to monitor what the children of the world are doing online, it is their parents’ responsibility. I’m not saying that artists shouldn’t exercise some responsibility, but I think this is a bit much. I think we all agree that the tweet in question was directed at heterosexual males and not at all correlated with the very sad recent suicides.

  • Why one would name themselves 5o,cents is beyond me. One just leaves oneself open to ridicule. This individual to me is simply a twat in need of attention right well that he got.

  • i don’t like 50 at all but Chillchic is right – this article is reaching in the wrong directions.

    what i like is the author highlighting that his fans are all over 25 (not that that makes anyone beong foolishness). i find the tweet rather gratuitous and distasteful considering that it’s likely to be misunderstood by those not critical enough to see it as is and not take it to heart.

    and clutch coudl do well not to inadvertently ‘promote’ this dudes foolishness.

  • I’m pretty sure all he was saying was that grown men give their women head.