NBA baller Amar’e Stoudemire covers the latest issue of ESPN the magazine for their “Body Issue.” The 27-year-old New York Knick is naked as all clear day, and we’re loving it!

Stoudemire is shot while jumping into a pool with a basketball in hand ready to dunk on somebody. The baller takes his other hand to cover his jewels, with added and very obvious help from PhotoShop. Boy! What we wouldn’t give to be a fly lurking in the backdrop bushes of this shoot!

This photo is only one of more pre-released photos from the special issue. The first photo features USA keeper Tim Howard with a pair of goalie gloves covering his jewels. The subsequent set shows some of the female athletes, including WNBA star Diana Taurai.

ESPN is obviously looking to attract female readers, with a few male subscribers—men who are likely to be reading for sports news, unlike many of us; we’re so in it for the pictures. This issue hits stands Friday, October 8!

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  • binks

    Those pictures aren’t flattering nor sexy

  • chillchic

    Yeah the picture does make him look like a ‘little’ big man but whatever, I’d still hit that.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    can you say “emasculation”?

  • I seen this the other night at my bf house, DISCLAIMER: (he’s an subscriber to the mag that had this pinup pic.) Anyway, my first reaction was okay, WHY? then I quickly reviewed the image before me…SMH this is TRAGIC! One hand coverage Armar.. well more like 2 finger coverage, this pic has ruined his life. lol

    I agree with the other comment, he should sue ESPN mag. lol smh…str8 disaster! Ain’t NOTHING sexy about this…PERIOD!